Catégorie : Colligere in English

In order to make the archives and heritage collections of College de France available to the widest audience, some of the entries of the blog Colligere have been translated into English. We selected those which seemed the most appropriate to highlight the history of our institution. We hope you will enjoy your reading!


“What is a politics of Chairs?” – Feedback on the debate led by science historian Wolf Feuerhahn as part of “Débats du CAK, saison 9” [CAK debates, season 9], held on 7 March 2018, at the Centre Alexandre Koyré

Translated by Liz Carey Libbrecht. On 7 March 2018 a debate entitled “Qu’est-ce qu’une politique de chaires” [“What is politics of Chairs”] was held on La Politique des chaires au Collège de France [the...